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<To a certain extent, the carton printing factory’s service speed is also crucial to the enterprise’s survival

To a certain extent, the carton printing factory’s service speed is also crucial to the enterprise’s survival

One after another, unicorns in the Internet industry have sought to go public over the past six months. Newly established companies make up a large part of them. To a certain extent, the listing of these companies indicates a faster and faster development pace for enterprises in the social competition. For Alibaba to go public, it took 15 years, for it took 10 years, for Taobao, it took 5 years, and for Pinduoduo, it only took 3 years. How should a carton printing factory and the majority of traditional enterprises adapt to this faster and faster pace? Is it possible to make it fast and slow at the same time? I would like to speak with you about Xianda packaging box supplier, a carton factory with 17 years of experience in carton printing.


1.It is imperative that the posts related to service be made as quickly as possible at the carton printing factory.

When it comes to customer service, we must respond quickly as a company that often deals with consumers. When customers require printing services from a carton printing factory, for example, they will inevitably need quotes, tracking information, and after-sales support. In the event that your company takes a long time to respond to these urgent questions, how can customers be confident in your professionalism? Whenever your company doesn't have customers in today's fast-paced society, it must be eliminated immediately. This is something I understand deeply. During that time, a client asked us to quote their project, since their business was just starting and they didn't have enough employees. One of our clients found us through a friend who wanted a carton printed. There was something in the middle, so the quotation was delayed for a day before it was given to the customer by the paper box supplier. In the end, the customer found another supplier to do it, and we provided the quotation to the customer. However, we have lost the order, so we have actually an advantage. Since then, our carton printing factory has been busy and the service department has not been streamlined. There must be a quick turnaround time. Our idea is the first element of most successful companies, and I believe it also is the first element of most successful entrepreneurs.


2. Our factory must explore new things quickly in order to stay competitive.

As the Internet age progresses, it's the fast fish who eat the slow fish. You'll face many impossible opponents who will emerge from unexpected places, grow stronger, and ultimately kill you. In the same way, carton printing factories operate similarly. The trend has accelerated even further since trade entered the Internet age. There is a risk of death associated with every missed trend. You can still die for a lifetime, but otherwise, you will die without a life when you're facing every new trend, such as foreign trade, the Internet, and mobile Internet. Our understanding of the current trend must also include an understanding of how the channels are changing. It is only by doing so quickly that we can improve your quality of life. Among the most common examples is the Internet. A large number of high-quality customers bought carton printing from our factory when it started doing foreign trade. The general rule was that we would make one deal as long as the customers were in related industries. We would then naturally adhere to the rule "marketing is king". China has lost the price advantage that made foreigners shine in the past two years as the cost of manpower and land has sharply increased in China. Your intelligence is already very high after years of training. In the absence of innovation in terms of differentiation, price sources, and customer acquisition sources, you will of course "come and go in a hurry" when you blindly emphasize "marketing is king". When exploring new things, we must let ourselves adapt to the market and make our own judgments quickly.

3. Creating new products and developing long-term strategies take time for carton printing factories.

In that case, does that mean everything we do as a carton printing company has to be fast? The research and development of technologies by enterprises must be slow, of course. The investment in research and development that Huawei has made over the years cannot be separated from Huawei's start as an agent and its gradual development into the company that it is today. There was no such thing as a day in Rome. The investment in product research and development is therefore very important to us as a carton printing factory. Even though this is a slow process, it is the only way to widen the gap between you and your peers in the future. Long-term strategy is the same. Enterprises come in a variety of forms. It is important to choose a strategy from the very beginning, but you must persevere with it until the end. It is also important for enterprises to be slow, and the same is true for carton printing factories.


From a carton printing factory, we can see so many truths, such as that when we deal with consumers, customers, and exploring new things, we must be fast, while corporate R&D and long-term strategies can be as slow as possible. Getting on the right track is determined by our life and death, and only with such a combination of speed and slowness is it possible.

Post time: Apr-24-2023